Directors Personal Guarantee Articles Director’s Personal Guarantee

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1. Evolution of concept of legal entity

2. Effect of Incorporation: Company as a separate legal person

3. Limited Liability

4. General Powers of Board

5. Borrowing

6. Finances

7. Directors as agents

8. A member of an association registered as a company shall not be personally liable for any liabilities incurred in such business

9. A director shall not be personally responsible for any debts of the company unless the business of the company has been carried on for any fraudulent purpose and declared as such by the Tribunal under Section 339

10. Directors,Directors Personal Guarantee Articles Director’s Personal Guarantee - A Void Agreement -27.11.14 Dir Articles etc., with unlimited liability in limited company

11. Registration of charges

12. Director’s personal guarantee

13. What agreements are contracts

13.1 “Free consent” defined

13.2 Object is lawful

14. “Undue Influence”

14.1 Position of dominance necessary for presumption to arise

14.2 Inequality of bargaining power

14.3 Judicial intervention for rescuing parties from unreasonable terms

14.4 Agreement should be reasonable for the contract to be upheld legal

14.5 Serious terms of a contract must be specifically brought to the notice of the parties

15. What considerations and objects are lawful, and what not