The Universal Spirit Told How the Future Would Prove Its Existence to The World

The human cerebrum is a hard spot to enter when its entryways are locked closed against groundbreaking thoughts and ideas. Over the large numbers of long periods of advancement and development it has gotten things to completely fill its channels. Except if there is a purifying of the waste obstructing the pathways to additional opportunities even God can’t establish a connection. To that end the world is in emergency and we are the day’s end.

Like an infant kid it must be taken care of data to permit the cerebrum to develop and the various channels to open. There is a short open door for this to occur, and that is the reason guardians are the essential educators. Their propensities, customs, and ways are contemplated and the youngster fosters something very similar.

At the point when people developed they previously had their channels opened somewhat. The guardians were the pre-people who had discourse, customs, etc. This is known from my exploration and the statements in the earth to show it.

Their insight and customs had to do with the sun and love of it. They thought of it as the Central Divine force of the earth and they called it ‘mother’. For that reason we actually allude to ‘mother earth’ and such. When of the Persian Realm men fostered a fantasy by which they could become divine beings by mating with it, or ‘her’.

That thought turned out to be influenced to the point that the paste stops groundbreaking thoughts regarding the Soul from being gotten. How do I have at least some idea this and for what reason is it so?

In reply to the initial segment of the inquiry my memory of rebirth and solid connect to the Soul gave information that paradise and damnation are legends and that religions educate lies. We have all resurrected multiple times, as verified in Occupation 5:19-21 and God states here

“All tables are loaded with regurgitation and squalor, so there is no spot clean” Isaiah 28:6

It additionally made the commitment that it will address its kin with tongues (on the same page 18:11), and that is the way it imparts now. Summoning those are otherworldly from religions. It was guaranteed that this will occur somewhat احسن جامعه فى مصر recently, a period we are presently in.

This presents the main obstacle for those with shut personalities to get their heads around. How could God address anybody and how could a lady be decided to do this work? I posed a similar inquiry and was told to get the holy book. It opened where this entry stuck out:

“For God has made another thing in the earth, A lady will compass a man” Jeremiah 31:22

These address the future ideas that God needs known. The man is 666 and he is Constantine. He laid out the Catholic Church in 325 Promotion and was given up to this point to take everything of reality from the world. This was God’s approach to shutting everybody’s eyes and ears so presently it can emerge.

At the point when individuals face their passing and the abhorrences of what is presently to come they will rapidly cl